• On behalf of Lares

      • D. Juan Ignacio Vela Caudevilla,  Chairman of the Scientific Committee.

      • Esperanza Cachón, Retired Nurse, Lares Volunteer Coordinator.
      • Pilar Celimendiz Lamuela, General Secretary of Lares Association.
      • D. Juan José García Ferrer, Coordinator of the Lares Observatory, PhD in Philosophy of Law, Moral and Politics, who acts as Secretary.
      • D. Rafael Luque Muñoz, Economist and auditor of centers and services for the elderly, Director of Resources, Treasurer of Lares Association..
      • D. Javier Martín Nieto, Social Communicator, Member of the Editorial Board of Somos Lares Magazine.
      • D. José Manuel Martínez Galán, President of Lares Madrid, director of socio-health center and vice president of Lares Association.
      • D. Eduardo Mateo Miranda, President of Lares Navarra and member of Lares Asociación.
      • Susana Ruiz Antúnez,President of Lares La Rioja. Director of nursing home Santa Justa.
    • On behalf of European entities

      • D. Jiri Horecky, President of European Ageing Network.
      • Alfonso Lara Montero, President of the European Social Network.
      • D. Gregor Tomschizek, President of Federation of European Social Employers.
    • On behalf of sectoral media

      • D. Josep de Martí, Director of Inforesideances.
        Matilde Pelegrí, Director Partner Balance.
    • On behalf of civil society

      • Lourdes Bermejo, Vice-President of the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, gerontologist, member of the Lares Good Practices Group and specialist in care models.
        D. Fernando Domínguez, specialist in human resources and responsible for the program of development of the management function and intermediate commands of Fundación Lares.
      • D. Javier Nadal Ariño, President of the Spanish Association of Foundations.
      • D. Manuel Nevado Rey,Responsible for the implementation of the ACP model in Lares centers, professor of Psychology.
      • D. Antonio Pedreño Juan,  President of CEPES.
      • D. Pedro Pomares Abad, General Coordinator of the LideA Forum, a forum for dialogue and global reflection of associations of the elderly for the momentum of relevant changes in society with the participation of these.
      • D. Luciano Poyato, President of the Third Sector Platform.
        Pilar Rodríguez, President of Fundación Pilares, a reference person in person-centered care models.
    • On behalf of the public administrations and powers of the State

      • D. Luís Alberto Barriga Martín, Ceo of Imserso.
    • Dª Raquel Andreu Antón
    • D. Emilio García Carrasco
    • D. Juan José García Ferre
    • Dª Cristina Pérez Álvarez
    • D. Juan Ignacio Vela Caudevilla


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